Hey guys, Peter Brissette here, digital marketing dude. I’ve got another video here just
for you to help you with your marketing. A common question that I get: “What content
should I be sharing?” If I’m going to do marketing online and social media marketing and
all this, what content do I do? Where do I get the content?

I want to give you a few ideas on basically an endless supply of content that will help
you in your business. I’ve talked about this some before but I’m going to talk to you
more about it in this video. I’m going to share my screen here, I’m looking away. We’re
going to talk about content planning.

The first piece of content for you to work on is your FAQ’s. Okay? Frequently asked
questions. Make sure I spell it correctly here, asked questions. You get questions every
single day in your business, on a wide variety of topics. What are those questions?
Simply take a moment, write those questions down. Make a list of the questions that
people commonly ask you. Now you have a huge source of content, this is content that
goes on social media, this is content that can go on your website. You can send this out
in an email. You can build out your content calendar and have a content plan for months
on end, just based on frequently asked questions. It could be a one minute video, it
could be a ten minute video. It could be a blog post that’s written. However you want to
do the content, I think the easiest is just to make a video but whatever that is, do that.

If you’re someone that’s managing and just helping with the content and there’s
someone else that’s the expert, give them the question. Say, “Hey, here’s a question for
you.” Turn on the video camera and record it. Then you’ll be able to capture that and
now you have new content that’s fresh, that’s relevant, and that person really didn’t
have to do a lot of work because these are questions that they answer all day long all
the time. What are the FAQ’s, the frequently asked questions in your business?

The second category that we look at are what we call ‘should ask questions.’ A should
ask question is question that someone should ask you but they don’t know. They don’t
know what they should be asking. They’re not an expert. You being the expert in the
field could come up with some of these should ask questions. For example, if you are a
CPA let’s say. You’re a tax CPA. What are the questions that a business owner like myself
should ask a tax CPA when I’m considering hiring them? What are the questions that I
don’t know that I should ask, but I should be? Those are kinds of questions that you
could ask. Again, part of this is to show your expertise but part of this is just to show
that you’re authentic, that you’re real, and that you’re willing to give useful helpful
information to your audience that’s going to help them in making the next step in their

These two things for content planning, FAQ’s and SAQ’s. Other things that you can add
into this, you know, you can always add in client testimonials. What are those? Those
are great to have a mix into the content. There’s what I call team stories. Team stories,
basically anybody that’s a member of your team, have them share a little bit about why
do they work there, what do they love about what they do? Let those team stories be
part of your content.The other category is messages from leadership. If you’re, you
know, you’re the one leader, these are messages from you that are important to you.
Things that matter. These are your values, your mission, your vision of your company.
That can come from you as an individual, but if you’ve got a multi-person team then
there’s messages from that entire leadership team that can be part of your content as

These are some basic ideas for some content planning. Hope you found that useful and
helpful in this video. If you have comments or questions about this please leave those
comments and questions wherever you happen to see this video. Please do like,
comment, and share. Sharing is caring. We appreciate your help in getting our message
out to others. Again, it’s Peter Brissette, digital marketing dude. Hope you have a great


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