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Let’s face it, business can be all out war. Your competitors are trying to take you down every single day. The real problem, though, isn’t them. The real problem is that your potential customers don’t know that you are the clear choice for them.

Strategy is about defining who you are and what makes you unique in the marketplace. Strategy clearly answers the question: why should your prospects do business with you?

Strategy is the oil that makes everything else in marketing work. We recommend starting with a strategy session to clearly outline your goals and make sure that your uniqueness is clearly defined to make you the obvious choice.

Lead Generation

The focuses for DMD are all about lead generation and conversion. We know that when we help your business grow month after month, we can build a long term partnership that will benefit everyone.

Regardless of the service we provide, we map out the ideal process that a prospect will follow when discovering, engaging with, and buying from you.

The lifeblood of every business is capturing new customers. You and/or your sales team are probably very good at selling your services to an interested prospect. The real challenge, then, is gathering new leads on a consistent basis.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing may be called many different things: inbound marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, publishing, etc. The goal, however, is usually the same: to provide valuable content positioning you as an authority in the marketplace.

Content Marketing is not focused on an offer, service, or even price, but rather on establishing a “pre-selling” relationship with your prospect. Content Marketing makes it clear to your customer why they should do business with you.

We will work with your team to develop a clear content strategy that will focus on lead generation and conversion.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation comes in many different forms and platforms from simple email autoresponders to full CRM with print fulfillment. The goal is to take simple marketing tasks and automate them to increase the capacity and efficiency of your team.

Marketing Automation success is having a defined path from the prospect entering the system, moving them quickly to the sale.

There are many Marketing Automation platforms available today. If you do not have something in place, we can work with you to customize a platform that will work best for you. If you already have a system in place, we have probably worked with it before.

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