Hey there. Peter Brissette here, digital marketing dude. Welcome to this month’s marketing message. This month we’re gonna be talking about marketing funnels and how can you have a super simple marketing funnel without driving yourself crazy? And I’m gonna give you a couple of tips for that.

I’m all on this three tips kick. So how do you have a simple marketing funnel without going nuts? Let me give you some basic ideas that I think might help you out with that. So first of all, we’re talking about marketing funnels, we’re talking about some way to get someone who most likely doesn’t know who you are, who is what I would call, a cold audience. And how can you get their attention and get them to do something to engage with you? So it’s how do we create some type of engagement with someone who doesn’t know who we are? And so you have to start looking at what’s really close to you. So here’s the tips:

First of all, you’re gonna tap into your expertise. What is it you already know in terms of what you do and what you do for your clients and customers? You have a level of expertise that you’re able to offer them, that you can solve problems that they have. And your expertise is the solution to the problem. So tap into that and think about what’s their biggest problem. That really gets us into number two. These two things go together, your expertise, tip number one, and number two is, what’s one quick problem you can solve for your audience, that gets them started with you, that takes a cold audience and gets them introduced to who you are and what you can do for them and gets them to engage with you?

The key is to make this simple, so when we talk about marketing funnels, we can talk about landing pages and we can talk about email follow-up sequences and we can talk about upsells and downsells and one time offers and all kinds of marketing jargon that goes with that. But you can make this so simple. You can make this simply a message you post on Facebook that says “Do you have a problem with A? I have a solution because of my expertise. If you’d like to know more, send me an instant message, or here’s my email address. Shoot me an email.”

It can be that simple, and that is a marketing funnel. That’s the beginning of a marketing funnel. You can make this really simple. So if you can think about, what’s a significant problem that your target market has, that you can solve a piece of that problem or a particularly of that problem, that gets them introduced to you, so you can start a conversation and begin to have some type of ongoing dialogue with somebody so that they can get to know you, so that they can see that they can take the next step with you.

So don’t overthink it, don’t make yourself go nuts thinking about it, it has to be perfect or it has to be a certain way. If you simply tap into your expertise, what you already know and how you solve people’s problems, what’s one quick problem you could solve for them, that gets them introduced and how can you just get them to engage with you? How do you get them to reply to an email, to reply to a blog post, to reply to a message on Facebook or whatever that might be. And simply start there and you can create a very simple marketing funnel that will get you started with having a conversation with somebody. If could be an invitation to then go and get on a phone call, and let’s actually have a conversation for 15 minutes. So don’t make it too complicated. Keep it super simple and that’s a simple, basic marketing funnel that anybody can implement in their business here today.

So that’s your marketing message for this month. I hope you got a lot out of that. Please like, comment and share if you have questions, or wanna talk about ideas about a marketing funnel for your business. And let’s have a conversation and let’s talk about that and see what might be something you could do today. Happy to give you some great ideas, no cost or obligation at all for that.

Thank you, and you have a great month.


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