Hey, everybody. Peter Brissette here, Digital Marketing Dude, and I want to talk to you a little bit today about SEO. Yeah. I try not to talk about this topic too often, because it’s a very huge topic. There are a lot of key factors with SEO. First of all, what is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is something that you do to your website to help your website rank better to get found in what we call organic search, meaning when someone types into Google a keyword phrase, that your site will have a chance to come up in the search results.

There’s a lot of things surrounding that, and I want to share my screen here and just talk a little bit about an article that just came out here in March that talks about this. A couple of things that I want you to know about. First of all, Google makes a lot of changes. Second of all, there’s key things that you should always focus on as the foundation. Then, finally, what do you do about it going forward? Depending on when you’re looking at this, this is, came out here on March 17th, this article, and in March, Google made a big update. The result of that big update was that some sites improved in the search results, and some sites actually lost traction, meaning they’re … They lost traffic. Their traffic decreased after this big change that Google made in their search algorithm.

What does that mean for you? Well the first thing that you want to focus on is something called EAT. In this article, and I’ll put this link in the blog post in the video that we’re watching so that you can read all the details of this and all the changes that were made and some of the different expert opinions on it, but the one thing that you want to always focus on with your website is something called EAT. EAT is an acronym for expert, authority, and trust. When you’re putting together content for your website, this is what you need to remember. You need to remember how can you express that content from the standpoint of being an expert and from being an authority on that topic, which is your business. That should be natural for every business owner and for your website, that you are an expert and you are an authority about your business. Then, the final one is trust. You can go back through a lot of our blog posts. We talk about trust a lot and how important that factor is.

All of those things need to be thought about as you develop any content for your website. EAT, expert, authority, and trust. Those are really, really important factors. As long as you are focused on that on your website, in the long term, you’re going to be okay, because that’s what Google wants. Google wants you to show your expertise, to show your authority so that the visitors to your website have a degree of trust. Some of those elements vary, so in this article, I want you to go through and look at it. He does some case studies on some different websites, on what they did in order to fix their website in order for it to improve and rank better.

Most of my clients don’t do a lot of ads and advertising on their websites. That was a big factor that impacted people. If you don’t run ads on your website, then you don’t have to worry about that one, but things related to the usability of the website, how easy was it to navigate, the general trust factor of the website, those things were all important things into whether this last update helped the website improve or made the website decrease in the search engine results.

The big key to take away from this going forward is remember that Google is going to make changes. They are going to make updates to their search algorithm, and it probably is going to have some impact on your site one way or another. Remember to always focus on your website as one of the properties that you own and you control, and focus on that EAT. Are you demonstrating that you’re an expert, that you’re an authority, and are you demonstrating trust? One of the best ways to do that is to show your testimonials and reviews on your website, as well, which we talk about all the time.

That’s a quick SEO update on what’s happening with Google and the changes that they’re making. If you’ve seen some significant changes in your websites, it’s something we could take a look at for you and try to diagnose what happened with that. We have a service where we can do a complete competitive analysis on your site and your top three competitors to find out where you stand and what it’s going to take in order to get your site to rank better. We’ll put a link to our calendar if you want to talk about that further. That’s a little monthly marketing message for you. Hope you got some good out of that. Please do us a favor. Like, comment, and share this, and let other people know about this, as well. Thank you very much, and we’ll talk to you next month.



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