How do you build trust with potential clients and prospects faster and easier?

I want to share some stats from Nielson’s Trust in Advertising Survey that they do every couple years. Let me just share my screen, here with you, so that you can see this. What we have here, I just want to highlight there … One quick area, here, and it’s what you would call earned trust versus something that you actually owned.

Earned trust is what other people are saying about you. The trust potential, the trust that people have in forms of advertising, is what Neilson is measuring. The first one we have, here, is this recommendations from people I know. That’s trusted 83% of the time. It’s still a good idea to make sure that you’re helping your clients work for you and that’s by obviously doing a really good job for them.

Encouraging them to do so and finding ways to encourage your clients to refer you. It’s still a very solid way, and a great way to get a return on your investment. The number two most trusted form of advertising is consumer opinions posted online.

What other clients, your clients say about you in online reviews is trusted 66% of the time. That’s actually down a little bit, it was high as 72% for a little while. Actually, I think it was high as 79% as a trust factor. It’s down from what it was a couple years ago, because a lot of people try to scam the review systems.

It’s worth spending time, trying to collect and get more reviews, because they are so trusted … And that’s going to help you with people finding you, first of all, in search results, and any other form of advertising that you’re doing is going to be more powerful and more impactful … Because of the reviews that get posted online.

Of course, editorial content. You get a news story about you, and your business that’s hopefully a positive news story. That’s trusted just as much as consumer opinions posted online. Those are earned recommendations. Earned referrals that when you do a good job, your clients and other people are going to say good things about you.

Some of the part that you own, which is your website, which is your brand, if you sponsor an event … And the emails that you send out, those have different trust factors, as well. Your website’s trusted at 70% of the time. Brand sponsorship, 61%, the emails that your clients if they said they signed up for them, are trusted 56% of the time.

Something to think about in terms of email making sure that you’re creating content in messaging that helps to build trust with … With your prospects and your clients. That’s just a quick survey, this is from Neilson’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey that they did in 2015, and comparing to the results that they had from 2013.

Hopefully, that’s helpful information for you to be working on your reviews … So if there’s anything we can help you with, you have questions about how to get more reviews than you’re getting right now, please reach out to us. We’re glad to talk to you about that, and help you work on that.

Thank you very much again, for being a client, DMD Consulting and Review Me Marketing, and we’re here to serve you and your marketing needs. Hope you have a great day, and great month until our center, and video for next month. Thanks.


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