Hello, welcome to this month’s monthly marketing message. Something just for you this month. We’ve been doing our series on trust potential, talking about the four M’s of trust potential. Those are the message, the medium, the moment, and the measurement.

Today, we’re talking about the fourth M, the measurement. What should we measure?  I’m talking about three basic areas that are areas that we should be measuring.

First,  is our total online presence, our engagement with our prospects and our clients, and the results that really matter. Let’s measure our total online presence. What is that? That basically is the number of likes, the traffic that we have on our website, how many emails in our database. That’s a general idea of our total online reach. Now, those numbers in some cases are more vanity numbers than actual numbers that mean anything, but they’re numbers that we should still be looking at and measuring.

Are we increasing our followers on our Facebook page, for example. Are they the right followers? Is it the right target audience that we’re reaching in that as well? Pure number of likes on a Facebook page aren’t going to help you a lot, but the number of likes with the right audience that you’re reaching, that’s a whole different story.

That gets us to the next point, which is measuring engagement. When you know you’re reaching the right audience, you’ll be able to see that in engagement. In general, what is engagement? The most basic way we look at it in Facebook terms, are numbers of likes, comments, and shares. Are you getting likes, comments, and shares of the content that you’re posting on Facebook? That’s a really good way just to measure a basic level of engagement. That the audience, number one, appreciates the content that you’re putting out, that they like the content that you’re putting out, and they’re willing to actually go to the next step of sharing it. That’s when you’re connecting the right message with the right audience. That’s exactly where you want to be in engagement.

On your website, this might be downloading a pdf, or a report. It might be filling in an opt-in form. On your website, it might also be how long do they spend on your site? Are they spending 10 seconds on your website, or are they spending 30 minutes on your website, and what pages are they looking at? Are they watching videos and are you counting the video views? Those are things that you can measure in terms of engagement. What this tells you, engagement tells you is that you are nurturing your audience. You’re nurturing your prospects, your nurturing your potential clients, and that’s why engagement is important to measure.

Ultimately, what should we be measuring? Our number one goal for our website or online presence for all of this is to generate qualified and quality leads for our businesses. That’s the end result that we’re all after. That absolutely needs to be measured across your online presence. How many qualified leads have we generated? What was the source of those qualified leads? Ultimately, how many sales did we make?

What is it that we actually sold in terms of dollars, in terms of number of clients, and how’s that impacting our bottom line? Then, what did it cost us to not only acquire the lead, so there’s cost for the lead, but then what did it ultimately cost us to get a new client? In understanding your cost per client, acquisition cost is really super important to measure as well.

Those are the things I wanted to share with you here this month in the monthly marketing message. The fourth M of trust potential. The three previous ones are in the blog post and videos that we previously did. If you haven’t seen those yet, go back and watch those so you can get a better idea of what trust potential is all about. Hopefully, these are some basic guidelines and some direction that you can have in developing your marketing presence, whether that’s online, or even in person, all of the same things inside of trust potential apply to either one. Thank you and we’ll talk to you again next month. Okay.


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