marketing-automation-scoringScore one for the little guy…some novel marketing automation scoring ideas for non-enterprise users.

Mathew Sweezey of Salesforce Pardot said it best when he said, “Grading is how interested you are in a lead and scoring is how interested a lead is in you.”

The all popular all common critical mass scoring model is a tried-and-true scoring model for marketing automation platforms employed by large lead volume companies. This is where you assess and score each piece of collateral on sales readiness and weight the score accordingly. For example an ROI calculator comes towards the end of the sales readiness cycle so that would be a higher score (for example a score of 70) then that of a whitepaper exploring one of your product solutions (for example a score of 25).So once your lead reaches a score of over 100 you call it sales ready and pass it on. Don’t get me wrong for large big volume programs this is very effective.

But I would like to explore a couple of other options that I have employed successfully.

Activity-Based Scoring

Activity-based scoring is a model that employs a specific scoring for specific activity, such as 1 point for a click on a custom redirect or email link. 10 points or double digit number for completing a form or a bonus of 50 points for filling out a registration to a webinar or event. Lastly, 100 points or triple digit for webpage views so that by looking at a score you can see if a lead interacted with emails, custom redirects, forms, webpages or any combination thereof. In longer sales cycles I believe it’s important to have a clear view of all the activity and level of engagement with the lead before declaring it sales ready. For example a lead of 700 is someone who has viewed 7 webpages but has never opened an email, clicked on a custom redirect from any of our social media, and has never filled out a form to download any collateral… Where as a lead with the score of 387 expresses someone who has looked at a couple of webpages, downloaded some collateral, clicked an email and is generally a more well-rounded engaged lead. I know some will be troubled with the thought about rollover but quickly looking at a record can help you determine what activities this lead transacted….This takes scoring off autopilot and puts a human back in charge of evaluating the lead.

Flashover/Turning Point Scoring

Flashover or turning point scoring you employ a model that takes one piece or one decision by your lead to make it sales ready. The use case for this would be companies with very little content to leverage. For example if you have a single product and you have yet to produce much content, offering a demo will let you know they’re ready to talk turkey. So making the decision on which element of your program are your flashovers you can then automate with your completion actions to notify sales once that action takes place.

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