I have been invited to speak this week for a prominent Colorado organization about Overcoming Negative Online Reviews. As I was putting the finishing touches on my talk, I decided that I shouldn’t reserve this information for only the attendees at the conference, so I’m sharing the key points here for everyone to read.

colorado home association social imageWith so many potential customers searching for reviews of a company before doing business with them, it is critical to manage the ‘chatter’ that is out there concerning your products and/or services. “But how do you do that?” you ask…  Simply by planning. You need to get ahead of the reviews and not leave them up to the opinion of one sour customer or one unfortunate breakdown in your service. Companies that actively solicit reviews from their happy customers can much more easily manage any negative reviews that might come about.

Here are the top five things you must do:

Step one:  Put a Reviews Page on Your Website

Decide on a system that can automate review collection and posting (need some recommendations? Contact me), then Set up a reviews page on your website that will display your testimonials and private reviews. Include on this page links to other sites that you either have or want to receive reviews on.

Step two: Custom Web Address

Customize a special URL (web address) that makes it easy to redirect your customers to the page or site. For example www.yourdomain.com/reviews.

Step three: Put that Link Everywhere

Put that link on business cards, invoices, flyers, brochures. If you have foot traffic then include this at your POS and even on tables, menus, etc. if possible. Note: You can also use a QR (quick response) code as well.

Step four: Monitor, Collect, Add

Monitor the reviews and collect them and add to your website. Follow up with an email with a link to a specific review site where you want a public review posted. With the right system, this is not a time-consuming job. It requires attention, but not a lot of hours.

Step five: Learn from the negative reviews and keep them off of your testimonial page

This is the most critical step. Of course you don’t want the negative reviews on your site, and with my system, you don’t need to allow them to show up there. However, do not ignore them either because your customers will find another website on which to complain. People want to be heard.


I’m looking forward to delving deeper into this subject and sharing even more tips in my ‘gig’ on Thursday.  If you want to learn more, contact me, or book me for your next meeting, conference or convention.


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