Hey, Peter Brissette here. Got a monthly marketing message just for you. Behind me you’ll see a classroom up at Front Range Community College, but I’m attending a business workshop here today. I have a couple ideas that I wanted to share with you around the idea of, “How do you create an endless stream of content that you can use in your marketing?”

The simple answer to that, is by telling stories. How do we do that? Well, first I think you should use video to capture it, but we should tell stories. I’ll give you some ideas. First of all, you can talk to your clients and prospects about why you got into doing what you’re doing, and why you do it every single day, outside of, “Yeah, I got into business to make money.” Well sure, that’s why you start a business, a business is supposed to make money.  As the business owner, why do you do this, whatever it is that you do? For me, a lot of what we started with in terms of our clients, and what we have today, are a lot of clients in the healthcare business. These clients are assisted living clients … hey, guys. What? Welcome to my video …

Assisted living, chiropractors, other clients, and what we like to do for them, is help them to be able to find and get more clients. Now, I will never be a care giver in an assisted living facility, but by extension, because I am helping them find clients, I am helping care to be given to someone who is a senior.  They are serving the most needy, those that need the most help in our society. While I can’t do that myself, I by extension, am able to help serve that, and see that happen. That motivates me. That drives me. That makes me want to do a better job for my clients, to help them be able to provide care by extension, to their clients.

That’s the first thing you can do. The second thing, and I haven’t done this, but I’m going to start doing this, is interview your customers, interview your clients. Take a phone, even if you just hold it there and do a selfie with it, but ask them questions. Why do they do business with you, what are their goals, personal stories, whatever it is. Share those stories of your customers.

Then the third area that I would do is get your team involved. Tell the stories about your employees. Talk about their day, and walk them through that process. What happens when they are doing a particular task? Why are they doing that task, and why are they doing it that way? Why do they do the job that they do every single day? Those are just a few ideas.

If we spend a little bit more time thinking about it, you can come up with many different ideas on how you can actually have this endless supply of content. Why do I want an endless supply of content in my marketing?  Two basic reasons. First of all, is you want to be memorable in your marketing. The best way to be memorable is by stories. People remember stories. They forget facts and figures, but they remember the stories. That connects to them mentally, and emotionally. The stories really, really matter.

The second thing, it will make you not be boring. The first rule in market is, “Do not be boring.” By having stories as part of what you do, and included in your marketing messaging, you will not be boring. Be memorable, do not be boring, and you’re going to get a lot farther along in your marketing.

That’s this month’s marketing message. Interruptions and all, but we’re going to go with it, because that’s how we do things around here. We’ll talk to you next month.


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