marketing automation 300 x 300 dmd websiteEnjoy this blog post from our guest blogger Nancy Lundborg.

You have finally deployed a marketing automation tool — it’s running its course now you’re trying to figure out how to refine your pipeline – What are the quality of the leads in your pipeline? How engaged are they? How will you know when they are ready to be turned over to sales? Using the below tips can help you get from good to amazing results!

Here are three quick tips to help you attain rockstar results with your marketing automation.


Reworking in this instance means that you take your current program, content and completion actions(completions actions are the what you tell your marketing automation platform to do to or with a lead when they complete your specific call to action or meet certain scoring criteria). Put a B version up against those efforts to test their effectiveness. For example start with the small stuff such as your calls to action (call to actions are what you’re asking them to do -download a white paper, view a webinar, download a brochure,) and make a habit out of A/B testing the foundation pieces of your program and work your way up to reworking the entire drip programs based on those results.  (A/B testing is the process of making two different  versions of your deliverable changing only one element such as the subject line or simple content edits to see which one has better results)

Items to examine for reworking:
Content of your Emails
Dynamic Content (i.e. if in this region this content)
Merge Field(do we use first or full name)
Subject Lines
Call to Action
Form Fields(how many, what info do we need)
Button Verbiage (for example never using Submit)
Collateral offerings (are your deliverables effective)
Order of Collateral in Drip Programs
Pause Timing for Drip Programs(how many day in between drips)
Duration for Drip Programs(how many total touches in your drip program)

Revisiting entails the habit of going back revisiting your current program, content and completions actions to see if your messaging is on point and speaking to your customers needs. Revisiting to make sure your product is speaking the same language of your targeted buying personas. An example of criteria to use for your personas – if your key buyer is a IT director at companies that revenue is between $1-5 million who employ 100-500 employees in North America build your targeting to hit those pieces of information. (I.e. Build your forms to make sure you collect these pieces of information)

Refreshing entails looking at all of your current programs, content and completion actions for relevancy in the current marketplace. Refreshing to align your product features and updates in today’s terms.
Try to keep in mind the marketing automation is not a science but more of an art and needs to be refreshed periodically. You cannot put it on autopilot and expect it to perform at peak forever.

The 3R’s then of marketing automation are Rework, Revisit and Refresh.

Marketing automation gives us the technological ability to build a 1to1 relationship with our customers.  Remember as marketers we need to build a relationship with our marketing.

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