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How to view “most recent” in your newsfeed on Facebook

My step sister, Laurel Lesser is a graphic designer and social media manager for a city here in Colorado as well as other projects.  She has been posting some great tips on using Facebook and I asked her if it would be okay to share it with you and she said yes!

Here is her first tip.  I had forgotten about this tip but it is an important one if you spend any time at all on Facebook.

Level of Difficulty?  Beginner-Intermediate User

Why do I need to know this?

Facebook’s default setting is to display “Top Stories” in your News Feed, which can be annoying if you don’t want to see the latest trending topics or the ads that Facebook wants to push to you all the time!  You just want to see the “Most Recent” things that your friends have posted, or their latest comments on things, right?  Well, there IS a workaround or two that may be useful to know…

What to do!


You can always check to make sure the “Most Recent” News Feed is showing for you by going in to your Facebook account and looking under your options in the left panel to see the “News Feed” sort option and choosing Most Recent instead of Top Stories.  This would need to be done EVERY time you log in to Facebook.


Prerequisite:  User must be capable of creating a Shortcut on their Desktop or setting a Favorite/Bookmark in their Web Browser.

a)  Create a “Shortcut” on your computer’s Desktop with the following web address (instead of in the Location field:   Then name the Shortcut on your Desktop as “Facebook Most Recent” or whatever you’d like!  This Facebook web address forces your browser to load the “Most Recent” News Feed upon login!  You may also opt to create a Favorite or a Bookmark to this web address in your web browser instead… However you find it works best for you to browse is fine!

b)  Double-Click on the Desktop Shortcut to automatically open your web browser and the Facebook Web Page for Login. (or open your Favorite/Bookmarked page)

c)  Login to your Facebook Account as usual, and check the “Stay Logged In” checkbox there under your login fields.

d)  OPTIONAL:  I actually chose to logoff of Facebook & close the web browser, and then log back on again at this point. …Just to be sure that my old web page settings/cookies had been erased from my web browser.  This may not be necessary for you to do, so that is up to you.  Sometimes I just do things more than once to be sure it is working properly. …Call me crazy, lol.

e)  Now, once you are logged in to the Facebook web site, it should be displaying the “Most Recent” items in your News Feed for you!  Voila!


Unfortunately, the Facebook Mobile App does not allow you to set up a custom web address (URL). So, Facebook Mobile App users will need to follow the old way to get the “Most Recent” items to show in their News Feed.

a)  Open the Facebook App on your mobile device, which will default to the “Top Stories” view automatically.  UGH!

b)  Then (depending on the version of the mobile app, and whether you are using an Android or iPhone/iPad to access the App) you will need to open the Control Panel using the “More” tab on your screen, and navigate to the “Sort” or “Most Recent” option, (some users may already see a “Sort” option on their screeen without having to go to the “More” tab at all).

c)  Once you select the “Most Recent” you will then see the latest posts in your News Feed as long as you are logged in to your Facebook page.

NOTE:  This setting should be retained until you close or logout of the Facebook App.  But this will need to be repeated EVERY time you login/load the App for use again.

Now, the “MOST RECENT” News Feed will display all of the things which have been posted by anyone you have interacted with recently, or if comments are made on items you have viewed or “Liked” recently.  If you want to make sure to see ALL posts from a specific person or group, you will want to visit their page more often, “Like” their posts, or go to their profile and choose the option of “Following” them.  This tells Facebook’s algorithm that you really DO want to see things from that person or group the most! 

Here is a link to the post on Facebook.

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