You have probably heard of Tim Ferriss and the 4 Hour Work Week. Well he has a new book out that is called “The 4 Hour Chef”. The book is about cooking but it is also about how you can learn to do just about anything. It looks very interesting.

I think it is interesting how he named his book.  He used Google Adwords to determine the name of his book.  The original name was Drug Dealing for Fun and Profit.  The didn’t sound good to most so he ran the tests and figured out the best title and subtitle.

By the way the first book was turned down by 26 publishers before it was picked up.

What I want to talk about though is part of his Content Marketing strategy for his book. He released content on the background of the book and videos of him doing things from the book and even meetings with his team about the book. Basically a ton of “b roll” that he released for free for people to consume before the book ever came out.

The way the content was released was through Bittorrent Bundles with has a collection of this type of content that writers and other creatives are releasing to the world to provide helpful and useful information.  The end goal of course is that many of these have a book or other product that they are selling on the back end.

He also released the book exclusively through Amazon Publishing instead of going with a traditional publisher.

His content strategy has worked very well. He has even increased sales of his previous books and the new book was released on the New York Times Bestseller list at #3 without the addition of his ebook.  The New York Times does not count ebooks in their sales numbers.

The basis behind his books is the 80/20 principle which is about maximizing efficiency in order to attain a desired result.  I am not going to dive into that in this post but I love that topic.

So what does this mean for you?

Content can come in many different forms with check lists, and videos, etc. and it does not have to be a finished and polished product to be effective.

What are ways that you can make content that your customers and prospects would find interesting and help position you as an authority in your marketplace?

We are not all publishers with a ton of time on our hands but we can find creative ways to make content.  Here are a few ideas.

Record your thoughts, meetings etc. and then have the recordings transcribed by your assistant or find a virtual assistant that can do it for you.

The transcription can then become a blog post or email.

Then have your assistant take the content and make it into a power point presentation.

Take that presentation and find someone on that can convert that presentation into a video for you.  Give them the MP3 audio file as well to time it up with the video.

If the content is very long then you can take that same power point and make it a PDF file that is now a special report that you can give away on your website.

Additionally you can upload the power point to and link back to your website.

Of course remember to post the video, blog etc. to your various social media outlets.

This can all be done for less than $20.00 from a single MP3 recording that you did during a normal part of your day.

Let me know if you have questions and please share and comment.






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