globeIf you are a local business with a business name, address and a phone number with the local phone company, then you probably have a listing on Yelp already.  (As well as many other local directory sites.)

How does this happen?  Well it is a little complicated and we have posted about this before.  The main thing is just what I already mentioned.  You have a business name, address and phone number.  Then sites like Yelp will pull data from various other websites and local directories and will pull that information in.

We recently setup some training for our internal team here on claiming a listing on Yelp and I thought it would be good to share it with you as well.

The first thing I recommend is setting up a gmail email account that is specifically used for setting up your local listings accounts.  Something like or are good options.  Why?  To keep it out of your regular business emails and so that you can have someone on your team manage the emails that might come in here.  Also because you can create filters to forward important emails to other email accounts such as a negative review, etc.

Most likely if you are a local business with an address and a phone number with the phone company, you already have a listing on Yelp that needs to be claimed.  Below are the step to claim your listing.

Click Here to Download these steps in a PDF File

1. Go the following link to start the process to claim your listing:

2. Click on “Claim your business”


3. That will take you to a search page.  Enter your business name and address on this page and click “Get Started”


4. Yelp will try to find your existing listing.  If it is there then click “Claim this business”



5. You will then need to create a “Business Owner” account.

Note: This is different than your personal Yelp account that you may already have.   You could have signed up using Facebook or a personal email.  Use your review specific email account that I mentioned at the begging of this process.

6. Once you click create Yelp will want to verify that you are the business owner. 

To do this they use an automated call system that will call your main business number.

The number will request a code that the Yelp page will display to you.

Once you enter this code your profile creating and listing will be claimed.


7. Confirm Email Address

You will also receive an email from Yelp confirming your email.  Click the “Confirm Email Address” link in that email.

8. Once you have entered the number you can then manage your business profile.  Click on “Your Business” in the top navigation to see information about your page on Yelp.



9. To complete your information about your business click on “Business Information”


10. There are a few key areas that you will want to update the information.

  1. Category:   You want to select as many categories as your business might be related too.  You can pick up to 3 on Yelp.    There are main categories and then sub-categories under those.  Yelp provides drop down options for you to choose from.
  2. Map Location: Make sure your map marker clearly shows where you are.  You can adjust the marker so it is precise.  This is very helpful for customers to find you!
  3. Hours, Specialties, History, Bio: Fill in as much information as you can here to help your customers trust you are legit!
  4. Photos:  Go to the photos tab and upload photos of your business or products.  8 to 10 photos is a good idea and add captions to them as well.

There you go! You are now ready to manage your reviews on Yelp.

One note about advertising on Yelp.  There is a lot they have worked on with their ad platform which I have yet to explore completely.  Like with anything else if you want to test something make sure it is a very controlled test that you can measure the results of.  They will call you to try to sell you so be ready to get as much information as you can if you have interest in that.

If you need any help with this or have questions please contact as at 303-578-2020 or email

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